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Heaven's Messages of 1950


The Revelations and Messages shared at the Queen of the Holy Rosary, Mediatrix of Peace Shrine came from the Blessed Mother, or one of the Saints who assisted Her, such as; St. Therese “The Little Flower”, St. Francis, St. Joan of Arc and others.

Pilgrims who have visited the Shrine on Anniversary Days when the Revelations were given have seen Mary Ann in a state of ecstasy, noticing that she was not conscious of anything or anyone around her as she spoke. These messages were taken down on a tape recorder and in long hand by at least two people.  Some messages were repeated word for word as given by the Blessed Mother; however, in most cases Mary Ann was inspired to speak using her own language, grammar and expressions. Many messages were also given during suffering periods in her home, especially during Advent and Lent.

In a more general sense, the Revelations and Messages came from the Triumphant Church in Heaven, who used the voice of Mary Ann Van Hoof as a human transmitting device or instrument.




Our Holy Mother often appeared to Mary Ann Van Hoof with the plea of “Wake Up America”.  Holy Mother begs mankind to fight the evils that have crept into our country; and, to stand for the truth and love of God.  Any change for the good of our Country can only come through prayer; a Constant Vigil of Prayer as she requested.  So many evils and sins are being accepted in our laws, that this is no longer America the Beautiful.  Can we truly ask of God to Bless America, if we don’t take a stand and fight?

     New Year’s Resolutions are commendable, if they involve spiritual changes in our lives.  January 23rd will be the 42nd Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, making abortion in the U.S. legal.  How many babies have been murdered in those 42 years?  The estimates are over 50 MILLION!!!  Can we even comprehend this?  Can we make a resolution to fight for the unborn?  Can we make a resolution to encourage a Constant Vigil of Prayer to save our Country?

     The Message of  March 9, 1973 stated: “Our Holy Mother says that it is very difficult to hold His arm back.  But once He strikes, the CHASTISEMENT in the U.S.A. will be severe; for, there are very few innocent amongst the murderers.  For any doctor, any nurse that destroys a life that they vowed and pledged to preserve will go to Hell.  They know better.  They vowed to save a life; and, they take a life because some whimpering female comes to them?  They should send her out the door and tell her to give birth to the child.  THEY WANTED THE PLEASURE OF INTERCOURSE, THEN FACE THE CONSEQUENCES; OR, IS IT ONLY ANIMAL?  NOT EVEN AN ANIMAL WILL DO WHAT THE HUMAN IS DOING; AND, THEY CALL THEMSELVES CHRISTIAN WOMEN?  YOU ARE WORSE THAN THE WORST PAGANS IN HISTORY.  FOR THE PAGANS DID NOT DESTROY THEIR YOUNG.  America the Beautiful; isn’t that a shame; isn’t that a mockery of that song, “Land of Liberty?”  Those little infants or fetuses are wailing in the “Land of Liberty.”  Where is their liberty?  Where is their freedom?  Where is their peace and hope?  Think about it.  Yes, fly your American Flag at half-mast; and, put a sign next to it, “For the Unborn”. ….Are you, Americans, proud of this?  America the Beautiful, are you proud of this?  Destruction of human lives.  …God Bless America!  Are you throwing that word into His Face?  God did bless America; but, now are you mocking Him!  You are heaping the unborn at His feet.  Make a drawing of the Crucifix; then heap the unborn at His feet; and, think about it.  SAVE THY COUNTRY.  SAVE THE UNBORN.  SAVE THY CHURCH.  NO SHIRKING YOUR DUTY.  MATERIALISM DOES NOT COUNT.  THE LOVE OF GOD COUNTS!  PROVE IT!  PROVE IT!  You say you love thy Holy Mother.  Why make tears stream down Her face?  Tears that Her children have caused Her to shed.  You, Her children, wipe those tears; save the lives; and, God have mercy on your souls.”